00104 eLearning Decade

Although the prophets of doom are almost always wrong, we may be heading into troubling times. So a mantra I just made up should help:

Have No Fear, Its Happy New Year.

We have plenty to be fearful about over the next couple of decades. According to my current reading of a “true believer” book, The Fourth Turning, civilizations have 80 year cycles that are made up of four generations of 20 year cycles. The past three 80 year cycles ended in 20 year times of crisis (Revolutionary War, Civil War, and Depression-World War II).

But we also have plenty to look forward to. The historical set of 20 years of crisis and upheaval also had significant build-out of respective infrastructures (toll roads and canals, railroads, highways). In our times of crisis the new infrastructure will be broadband/Internet, digitized medial records, high speed trains, and security at all levels.

Over the past 20 years we have seen economic spasms, terrorism, and many opportunities ignored by “best and brightest” ideologues. But the current problems are at a “2” level and are a build up to the “10” level crisis we might expect in the future. Fortunately our “Fourth Turing” period will be lead by “smart and pragmatic” realists who are crucial for the challenges ahead.

So much for my “true believer“) hat (thank you Eric Hoffer. Let’s get back to today’s issues and eLearning. We assume that the skills, education and knowledge of Arizona’s people and leaders will continue to be its most essential asset. Over the past several months I have attended many meetings of Arizona leadership working on Arizona problems. For the first time most of their solutions for education included eLearning as the key to implementation.

The Arizona Republic’s 2010 predictions for the next decade has a section for education and technology:

Slim notebook, video lessons, learn at school-home, and individualized repetition learning to mastery and pace of progress. Math and science will have teacher-facilitator for multiage students at same academic level. Self-paced learning will have some students into full college work in highs school and others mastering the subjects at their slower pace before they move on. High school graduation will be a bit old-fashion.

Sounds like a pieces of a pretty good vision. Now it’s up to us as advocates to implement for Arizona. I have a New Year’s resolution to keep. Part is to produce a one page (+) blog for you each week. I will also provide updates on current upcoming events. The blog will represent a continually developing framework and direction for our advocacy. This will be based on developments within our highly fluid legislative policy groups, governance and legislators.


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